We Are
    The Light


    Beyond the pixilations of eye-drooling & empty movements – we become The Light.
    Complete Season II and your Genesis tokens will be granted access to The Light.


    (G-3 + C2 + PAPP) + (G-4 + C1-3 + C3 + PAPP) + Pass + BURN x 3 = The Light
    To complete the equation
    you must burn.


    Reach the end of The Forest and you will find The Light.To complete The Equation you will need a Genesis NFT and at least 10,000 PSY Points to access the Burn Platform.You will also require the following for the burn –1x Component One, 1x Component Two, 1x Component Three,
    1x PAPP, 1x Pass (IRL or Metaverse) + 10,000 PSY Points.
    Your Genesis NFT will be light-enabled after the burn.You can only use a Genesis NFT once. If you wish to perform multiple burns, you will require multiple Genesis NFTs.


    The Burn Process will consume the requirements as follows –(3000 PSY Points + 1x Component Two + 1x PAPP)
    (4000 PSY Points + 1x Component One + 3000 PSY Points + 1x Component Three) + 1x Pass


    Is this a new collection? No/Does this dilute Genesis? No
    Does this cost money? No/Is this a new mint? No
    Will it burn the NFTs mentioned in the equation? Yes
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